10 Offline Side Businesses Ideas You Can Start Today

Apr 07

10 Offline Side Businesses Ideas You Can Start Today

I’m a big proponent of the freedom lifestyle. I like online business and passive income. I usually talk about our four types of businesses – eBay and Amazon sales, offering services (which I recently ended), writing ebooks and earning advertising revenue from niche websites. But there are also some lucrative side businesses out there that can be done offline. So if you’re more of a hands-on type, maybe think about starting these instead.

1. Auto detailing – If you already take care of your car so well that people think it’s been detailed, then this could be right up your alley. In my hometown in Georgia I was amazed that people were PAYING $50 and up to have their car detailed. The average price for an average sized car is between $50 to $125 and higher for an SUV or a van.

One car detail place where I used to live in Alabama added in a rug cleaning station. They built a ramp structure where the rug could be laid out flat, scrubbed, rinsed and then dried. It met a need because they were always busy there.

2. Rent out a room or your home on AirBnB or couchsurfer. If you have the space, why not let someone stay with you, especially if you live near a tourist attraction or big conference hub. But don’t be like the guys on the Austin Craigslist during South by Southwest (SXSW).

3. Have a truck? If you live in an area with a lot of snow, then buy a snowplow attachment for your truck and offer services to homeowners and private business owners who need their parking lots cleared. No snow in Texas where I live, but I see a lot of need for people who need an RV moved from one location to another. Sometimes their truck has broken down or they just find it easier to hire someone when they’re ready to move on. You can tow the camper to their new location and get paid a set fee plus mileage.

4. Commercial cleaning business. There is a lot of potential in this type of business. Scott and I did this part time while we lived in Alabama. We cleaned three businesses every weekend. We worked under an established business who found the clients and paid us as contractors, but we seriously thought about starting our own company if we stayed in Alabama. We did one housecleaning job during this time and I would clean offices multiple times over before cleaning another house.

5. Refurbish furniture / make craft items. I’m a member of a local Facebook for sale site and several people sell wreaths, furniture and other things they’ve made. They also sell these at local flea markets and antique malls. If you’re a crafty person try your hand at selling a few of your creations. You can get feedback from in person customers and then try selling online on Etsy or eBay.

6. Exercise instructor. Do you love your Zumba, Bodypump and Spin class? Did you know you can become an instructor for these classes without a fitness instructor certification? I looked into Zumba at one point. You can train to be a Zumba instructor for about $300 (at the time I looked into it) and add on more certifications if you like – Zumba Gold for seniors and even a kid’s version. The training takes place all around the country so you may need to travel to get the training done, but after that you can work at health clubs or market yourself and hold a class wherever you can find a space.

7. Gardening. This is different than landscaping or keeping the grass cut and the bushes trimmed. If you have a bright green thumb and love to work with flowers and vegetables, then why not offer services to someone who wants a garden but keeps killing the plants? You can share your knowledge if the person is interested or just take care of the plants and maybe reap some of the bounty as part of your payment.

8. Pet waste cleanup. People will always pay for things they don’t want to do themselves. Get paid to pick up and dispose of animal waste in others’ back yards. Hit certain neighborhoods on certain days and stay busy all week.

9. Appliance pickup and disposal. When it’s time to replace that old washer or dryer it’s hard to know what to do with it. Some cities have a day where you can place these items on the curb for pickup, but if you have a truck you can offer to pick up and dispose of these things for free. It takes a load off the homeowner’s mind and you can make money by fixing the appliances and reselling them or by selling them as scrap metal. One person I met made a very good part time income of about $15,000 one year just by doing this and selling them as scrap.

10. Music lessons. If you can play an instrument – the most popular is the guitar or piano – then you can offer your talent and teach others how to play. You can offer group lessons for a discounted fee or private lessons and charge $45 an hour or more.

I hope this helped to inspire you to think of some more business ideas. While we do a lot of life online now there is still plenty of potential for offline businesses. What business would you like to start? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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