Travel Flashback – Our Cruise to the Bahamas

Mar 27

Travel Flashback – Our Cruise to the Bahamas

I can’t believe we took this trip ten plus years ago!

I’d always wanted to go on a cruise, so when an online group that I was a part of decided to do a short cruise I signed up. It was a three day trip from Florida to the Bahamas and back. We stayed an extra day in Saint Augustine, and I’ll share that trip next week.

We had a ten hour drive from our home in Georgia to Cocoa Beach, Florida. We spent the night to be sure to get to the ship as early as we could. We were through security and on the ship just a bit after lunch.

I don’t have a lot of pictures because as this was ten years ago we didn’t have the smart phones we have today and we didn’t have a good digital camera. Scott just recently found the prints I’d had made of the trip.

We were on the Carnival ship Sensation. Everyone was very nice and friendly. We found our room with no trouble and were up on deck with a drink in our hand to say goodbye to everyone at the dock. It was just like the opening of the Love Boat. We stood on the deck for a while until we were out into the ocean. Then we headed inside for something to eat.

I’d joined a forum called Cruise Critic and found out so much insider information about the ship, the food and the port. If you ever want to take a cruise, join the forum. You’ll find out so much great information. I’d heard about the goat cheese pizza from this forum, so we had to try it. We weren’t eating gluten free then, so we took advantage of all the great food available. We ate at a little table outside and looked out at the water.

We explored the ship and just enjoyed being together. We did find out a few things that we didn’t know. One is that we could have refilled our drink-of-the day cups at a cheaper price. Each drink was about $7 I think, so we didn’t drink much, but we could have gotten a refill at half that price. We also kept wanting to clear our plates. The staff told us, “You’re on vacation. Leave it, we’ll get it. That’s why we’re here.” But we were brought up with southern manners so it was a bit harder for us to leave a dirty table after eating at a buffet. We were still stacking our dishes on the last day to make it easier for the staff.

We enjoyed our time on the ship more than our time in the Bahamas. It was off season and a lot of the places I’d read about were closed. We hired a taxi driver to take us to a nature preserve to see the pink flamingos only to find out that the place had been hit by a hurricane a few years earlier and all the flamingos were gone. The restaurant where I wanted to eat was closed, so our driver took us to a local restaurant for some conch fritters. We also signed up for a historical tour of the island but it wasn’t a very good one. I learned more about the history of the area over the Internet.

We did take a water taxi from Nassau to Paradise Island. We walked through Atlantis, the huge resort on the island, and explored it a bit. We found out from the forum that after 6:00 there wasn’t anyone at the aquarium inside the resort so we were able to get it to see it. We want to go back one day and stay at Atlantis. I’m still on their email list and they offer $99 rooms every so often. There’s also a Comfort Inn and Suites on the island and at one time you could stay there and buy a pass to Atlantis. A lot of families spent the day there on the water slides.

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I have to say more about the food. All of it was excellent and our wait staff was very attentive. They remembered what you liked – we both drank coffee after dinner – and by the last night he just brought it without asking. The chocolate melting cake was just as good as it was rumored to be. There wasn’t anything about the food I didn’t enjoy.

We didn’t do much shopping, but the ship did have an “Everything is $10” store. I stopped there to buy a purse for the formal night dinner as I didn’t have anything suitable to match my dress. I never used the spa or salon.

We had to leave the ship very early on the last day. We were up at six, I think, or earlier. We had to wait in a common area until our section could leave. We picked up our car and drove up to Saint Augustine to spend the next two days.

Have you ever been on a cruise? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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