More Time Management Tips To Stay On Track

Mar 26

More Time Management Tips To Stay On Track

I’ve shared before how I like to use the Pomodoro system and I’ve also started working in focus blocks. These have helped me out a lot, but I’m always looking for better ways to be more more effective when getting my work done each day. Here are a few more time management tips I’ve found that have helped.

1. Where does your time go? There are some days where I have no idea where my time went. These are days when I’m just not feeling it, all my writing sucks, the Internet is slow, it’s raining and cold. All motivation just seems to go out the window and I end up spending the day watching Hulu or Netflix and playing games on my phone. When I have one of these days I embrace it because I must need it, but I don’t need the entire week to end up as Walking Dead Marathon Week. I like to find out where my time is going so I can better manage it and get my priorities done first.

2. Start the Day off Right. I’ve been starting off my morning with prayer and meditation. Once I get my system down, I’m going to add in some yoga. I also plan my tasks ahead so I know what I’ll be doing that day and what my priorities are. This keeps me from doing things that I may enjoy doing but don’t need to be done right at that moment. My day typically starts out with writing followed by other administrative tasks or creative tasks.

3. Take a lunch break – It’s easy to work through lunch and eat at my desk while poking at a document and trying to keep my mind on whatever thought I was trying to get onto the page, but it’s not the best thing to do on a daily basis. When I worked outside the home I took my lunch break and used it as a time to clear my head and regroup for the rest of the day. Leaving my desk and eating lunch on the back porch and enjoying the Texas sunshine is a great way for me to clear my head today and remind me how blessed I am to work on my own projects.

4. Set Priorities and Goals. I said earlier that my writing comes first for the day. I always start out with my blogging, my book writing and my email to my list. This has to come first, no matter how much fun I’ll have playing with Gimp or another computer program or brainstorming a new story. My priority is always my writing. When I remember that it’s easy to get back on track during the day.

5. Build a Routine. Habit books have been popular for the past few months, but building a routine isn’t anything new. I’ve tried building a routine based on the Sidetracked Home Executives books that I read several years ago when my son was little. Building a routine, for me, takes time and I need to add one thing at a time to my routine or I’ll stop the entire thing. My morning routine is pretty simple right now – I let the dogs out and I head to the office for prayer and meditation for an hour. Then I get dressed, eat breakfast and start work by nine. Simple and easy for me. I’ll add in yoga and some other exercise later on. This is hard for me because I want to do it all now, but I know that baby steps will help the routine stick and I’ll stay with it longer.

I’ll be sharing more of my time management systems and processes in my new book, the SMART Planning Guide for Dreamers. It will be available FREE on the website in the next two weeks.

What are your time management tips? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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