Using Ejunkie for Digital Products

Mar 17

Using Ejunkie for Digital Products

If you want to create a website and offer digital products for download, you need to have some type of a provider to host the file, interact with a payment processor and deliver the file. To accomplish this I use Ejunkie.

I’ve used Ejunkie for several years now as a provider for digital products on my niche site, General Transcription Business Handbook.

Pros to Ejunkie – It’s cost effective at $5 each month, offers technical support and interacts with PayPal as a payment processor. You can also set up your product on an affiliate program or sign up with an affiliate program.

Cons to Ejunkie – It’s not very intuitive to get set up, and I consider myself an intermediate to expert computer user. I had to take my time getting the files set up and even today if I need to go in and resend a link to someone or set up a free download link I have to hunt for where to go.

Here’s a quick review video I found on You Tube about Ejunkie. I’m planning to set up a few new products so I’ll do a tutorial video when I do that.



  1. One of my longer time-frame goals is to create an ebook of some kind. I’m bookmarking this so I know where it is when I’m ready!

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