Our Top 5 International Bucket List Destinations

Mar 13

Our Top 5 International Bucket List Destinations

Last week I shared our top five locations here in the US that we want to visit once we buy our RV and start to travel. This week I want to share our international bucket list.

I know that several location independent people have started to travel the world and even live full-time in Costa Rica or Taiwan, but we don’t want to leave our pets or our family behind for too long. World travel isn’t what we want to do. But we do want to visit some great places. We’ve spent time in Germany when Scott was in the military and I spent three weeks in England during a study abroad class several years ago. I want to take Scott back to England but these are places we’ve never been.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Amsterdam is the capital city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It’s located in North Holland, a province of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a beautiful city located on the River Amstel. There is a lot of history there, including the Anne Frank house and a Van Gogh museum. There is a pretty famous red light district and cannabis coffee shops, but we’re planning to stay along the canals and tour the museums. There are also 140 festivals held there each year, so we may time or visit for one of them.

2. Ireland – Scott and I have been fascinated with the beauty and romance of Ireland for a long time. The beauty of the country side, the history of the island, the castles and gardens are what has inspired artists and writers for many years. Several of the romance novels I’ve read have been set somewhere in Ireland. It’s a land where it’s easy to believe in fairies, giants and magic.

3. Scotland – I have wanted to travel to Inverness and Loch Ness for as long as I can remember. I first heard the stories of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, when I was a little girl. We also plan to visit Edinburgh and the countryside around the Scottish highlands, but Loch Ness will be the primary stop when we visit Scotland.

4. New Zealand – Ever since The Lord of the Rings was released we’ve talked about visiting New Zealand. My dream trip would be to rent an RV and travel on our own through the countryside. The next idea is to visit the Middle Earth filming locations for all of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. New Zealand is a small island and it’s all beautiful. It makes it difficult to decide where to go.

5. Australia – When I was a teenager most of the Harlequin romances I read were set in Australia. The idea was that readers didn’t want to read about their everyday life in America or England. They wanted to read about adventure in the outback or glamour in Italy and Paris. I read several books set in Australia, most of them set in the past, but the Crocodile Dundee movies in the ’80s and, of course, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin continued to pique my interest in visiting this country. We want to visit Sydney, take a tour of the Australian outback, and then travel on to visit Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast.

What international locations do you want to visit and why? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.



  1. i want to travel but unless my hubs can hunt or fish at the destination then won’t be going 🙁

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