After the Computer Crash

Mar 10

After the Computer Crash

My old laptop crashed – again – a couple of weeks ago. I lost a lot of material, including two books that I’ll need to rewrite and the beginnings of the ebook I was working on for this site.

The laptop had been giving me warnings for a while. I was getting the blue screen at least once a week and my husband told me to back up my material. But that was on a good day when it was working properly, so I didn’t listen. Then I came home on Saturday afternoon to work on a project and Windows wouldn’t load. Everything was gone.

I’m going to try to do some data recovery and at least save the two books I wrote if possible. I also have an external drive that stopped working when we moved here. I’m getting a new laptop on Friday with a 500GB hard drive – but I don’t plan to save many files on it. Post computer crash I’m planning to save everything possible in cloud storage. Luckily I’d already been moving in that direction.

Cloud Tools Accessible to Anyone

One Drive – Right now I’m using Scott’s Netbook with Windows 8 and a desktop with Windows 7. What I love about these computers is that they connect with One Drive, a Windows service. I can log into One Drive from any computer and save and open files just like I’m saving things locally. I don’t have to save to the hard drive before uploading.

Chrome Browser – I switched to Chrome a few years ago, and it took some getting used to after Firefox but now I love it. It’s seamless across all of my devices – my phone, my desktop and this borrowed Netbook. I have all of my bookmarks and my passwords are even saved on my websites.

Google Drive – I’ve been keeping my Content Creation list on a spreadsheet in Google Drive since starting the blog in January 2013. Anything I’ve created in Word, such as a cheat sheet for links to copy and paste was uploaded to Google drive, except for the books I wrote in a specific writing program.

Photobucket – I’ve been backing up all my photos to Photobucket for six months. All other photos are in Google Drive, so I didn’t lose any of my pictures.

Once I see if any data can be saved from the laptop and my external hard drive, all the data will be saved to One Drive, Google Drive or another cloud storage option.

I was considering a Chrome Book since I use most of Google’s programs anyway and was usually near a wi-fi connection. But I decided to go with a full laptop instead for several reasons.

– I like to use programs like GIMP, Photoshop and Irfanview for photo editing. I can save the photos in One Drive but I need the hard drive to use the programs.

– I like having a CD/DVD drive to watch movies, listen to music, and to burn files for storage if needed.

– I wanted to have enough USB ports for anything I need to use, such as an external keyboard and mouse and a headset for future audio posts and Skype calls.

I ordered a Toshiba laptop from Walmart. I’m looking forward to setting it up and playing with it on Friday. I love setting up new tech and customizing it.

What have you started doing differently after a computer crash? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.



  1. Oh a computer crashing is seriously the worst feeling ever! I have a hard drive that I plug into my computer when I need it. That way it’s always safe! And if I want to use it on another computer I can do that too!

    The Mrs. & Co.

    • I have an external hard drive and it was damaged somehow when we moved last April, so I need to get it fixed too. I thought everything was safe on it but nope 🙁

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