My Top 5 USA Bucket List Destinations

Mar 06

My Top 5 USA Bucket List Destinations

I love reading full-time RV travel blogs. I want to see the scenery, I want to know how to get to various campgrounds, how to find great places to eat and places to visit. I’ve been able to vicariously travel through so many people. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient as we save money towards our own tow vehicle and camper.

Here are my top five bucket list destinations and when possible I’m thanking the bloggers that let me know about these beautiful spots.

1. Grand Canyon. I’ve always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. One of my goals is to hike to the bottom and back. We may end up doing the donkey ride instead, but I do want to get to the bottom. If that ends up not being possible due to health reasons, I still want to visit and explore all sides of the canyon. I’ve found that the southern side is the most visited. The northern rim is closed for part of the year due to weather, but it’s open during the summer. The western side is owned by Native Americans, but they have built the glass walkway overlook that reaches out into the canyon. Scott wants to walk on it. I’m a bit more nervous about that. The eastern side is considered to be part of the south rim but has its own entrance. I’m an RV Dreams fan, so when Howard and Linda hiked the Grand Canyon I paid attention. They did the trek to the bottom and back a few years ago. Here’s the beginning of their journal entry about the hike. 

2. Crazy Horse Monument. The monument to Chief Crazy Horse is an unfinished, privately owned monument in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The area is beautiful and so full of history, and the story of Crazy Horse and the monument designer and builder is fascinating to me. I love history and learning about the people behind the history. What were they thinking? What did they want out of life? Most of the time it’s the same things we want now – to be healthy and happy and fulfilled. They do hire workcampers and thanks to bloggers Dan and Jonell at Liv2RV I was able to see what orientation day and working there would be like.

3. Arches National Park. Howard and Linda Payne of RV Dreams workcamped at Arches back in 2008. Again, the area is beautiful – not just the park itself but the area around it. Just look at the campground! I don’t know if we’ll workcamp there or not, but I definitely want to visit and hike to the different arches nearby.

4. The Wave. I never knew this place existed until I heard about it, again from RV Dreams. These folks get around! It’s a popular place but they have a lottery to determine who gets to hike in the area. There are only 20 permits issued – 10 online and 10 in person. Howard had to try four times to get a spot. I fully intend to get a spot and see this place.

5. Denali National Park. Many full-time RVers do a caravan trip to Alaska at least once. We’re thinking of doing a 14 day trip, part of it a cruise and part of it by land over to Denali National Park. Denali is six million acres – SIX MILLION – with one road. I want to visit just to be out in nature and the wilderness. My understanding is that you can’t tent camp due to bears and wolves, but you can rent an RV or stay in a hotel or lodge nearby. I know I’ve read some RV blogs about a trip into Alaska, but I couldn’t find any of them.

These are my top five places in the United States where I want to travel once we get our RV. Where do you want to go? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I’d LOVE to see Alaska from the front seat of an RV! I’m going to have to start to follow some of these travel bloggers you mentioned! So fun!

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