Jack Canfield’s Business Success Principles

Mar 03

Jack Canfield’s Business Success Principles

I was browsing my old bookmarks to see what articles I hadn’t read yet and I found an interesting article in Inc. about Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and his Success Principles. I’d started reading his book, Success Principles, a few years ago but never finished it. I do remember his number one principle – Take 100 percent responsibility for your life. That’s still the principle he lives by today.

His E+R=O Theory is one I am working toward in my own life.

E stands for “event”. Events happen all around us, every day, on a personal to a global scale. The kids get sick, there are problems at work, gas prices are going down but food prices are on the rise. But we can’t control these events. They happen outside of us, externally. We don’t have any control over any of these things.

R stands for “response.” All we can control is our response to these external events. Our response includes our thoughts and our behavior – our words and our actions. We can control these things by refusing to complain or blame outside events for what happens in our lives. We can always choose to move forward instead of staying stuck.

O stands for “outcome.” The event plus our response will equal the outcome. The same event can have different outcomes based on our response.

As an example, let’s take a job loss event. A job loss or layoff is an event outside of yourself. Now you can control the response you have after that event. Will you go home and complain and gripe to everyone about how unfair it all is or will you go home and make a game plan for finding a new job or maybe starting your own business? Which response do you think will allow for a new job offer or a successful business to come more quickly?

I know that we didn’t respond well when hit with an event last year – our van’s need for a transmission. We responded to that event with hopelessness and hurt. We retreated into our home, put up walls, and wondered why nothing happened. If we had responded differently to that situation, I wonder if our transmission could have been fixed sooner.

He also practices the rule of five – know your priorities and the top five things you need to do each day to reach them. That could be writing 1000 words on a new book, calling a few leads for new business or scheduling a meeting. Whatever it is, do your top five things first before you do anything else during your work day.

I’ve started practicing a form of this as well, which I’ll be outlining in my upcoming ebook The SMART Planning Guide for Dreamers. I use index cards to keep me  on track as well as a list of my tasks for the week, not just the day.

What do you think of Jack’s success principles? Do you have a principle you live by? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.




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