Amazing Travel Experiences – Travel Book Review

Feb 20

Amazing Travel Experiences – Travel Book Review

I have a lot of books on my Kindle, but I intentionally look out for travel books. I love reading about people who are traveling, their adventures, the ups and downs, the itineraries and even the budgets.

I found Amazing Travel Experiences on my phone while looking for a new book to read. I fell into the book as well as a few Google searches on the author, Ian Usher.

Ian Usher sold his life on eBay in 2008. Yes, he sold his life. His house, his car, jetski, motorcycle, camping gear and skydiving gear. He even “sold” his friends and his job in Perth, Australia. He built a website detailing what was being offered and the eBay auction. After the auction ended, he left Australia and spent two years traveling. He’s now a speaker, writer and adventurer.

Amazing Travel Experiences was a compilation of stories from his book A Life Sold, which detailed more about the experience of the auction and what happened after he sold his life. His story was also optioned as a possible movie by Disney a few years ago.

One of my favorite storylines in this book is his RV trip down Route 66. This is also one of my dream itineraries and I can’t wait to complete it. He met several people through his website who offered him tours of the area, took him to dinner and was just nice to him. But I especially loved the story of his lunch meeting in Beverly Hills.

When he’d started getting calls from producers about his story, a friend of a friend set him up with an agent in Hollywood. From that point forward all calls and letters about the potential of a movie or TV show would go to this agent. Talks with Disney got serious for a while and Ian’s agent called and asked if they could meet for lunch to do the paperwork and he could collect his check for the option.

He snapped a photo after the lunch from his car as he sat at the intersection crossing Rodeo Drive. It was a surreal feeling, he says. He’d just had lunch with his agent, Disney had optioned his story for a movie and he had the check in his pocket. He was sitting behind a Mercedes and was about to turn onto Rodeo Drive. Just a year before he’d been working as a truck driver at a mine in Australia. He also thought about that moment a bit later when he went to Walmart to buy new jeans. The ones he’d worn to lunch were one of his scruffiest pair.

I loved that story because sometimes life does seem surreal and everything changes so quickly. A year ago we were in Alabama. We’d applied for this job in Texas, but hadn’t heard anything about it yet. It was wet and cold. We’d just had a two day ice storm that blanketed much of the southeast. But today, a year later, I’m enjoying the 60 degree Texas sunshine, we’re saving to buy our RV and building our freedom businesses. I could never have imagined this a year ago. Next year who knows where we’ll be?

You can find out more about Ian Usher on his website. He also has a TED Talk and you can read his books if you want to find out more about his travels (affiliate links)


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