PopSugar Reading Challenge Update

Feb 19

PopSugar Reading Challenge Update

A friend on Facebook posted the PopSugar reading challenge for 2015 in December and I thought, sure, I’ll participate. I thought I’d be well into the list by now, but I’ve only finished one book, I’m halfway through another one and started one more. I love reading for pleasure, but there just hasn’t been a lot of time, and the Henry James book is challenging.

My rules for the challenge:

  • Read paper books, not ebooks.
  • Can’t be a book I’ve already read unless the challenge calls for it – “a book from your childhood”.
  • Books can only count once. I can’t count the 500 page book I read as also being from an author I’ve never read before.

These are the books I’ve finished or are in the process of finishing – (affiliate links)

(A book of short stories) – The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories – Henry James

(Read a book with more than 500 pages) – Dead Like You – Peter James

(A book written by an author with your same initials) – Rules of Deception – Christopher Reich

Yes, I have a long way to go.

The Henry James stories are a collection of ghost stories. I’ve read two so far. The second one, Owen Wingrave, wasn’t one of my favorites. The story begins with us finding out that Owen Wingrave no longer wants to join the military, despite his family’s long line of military service. It’s not until the end of the story at his family home that we get an inkling of a possible malevolent spirit and then the story ends rather quickly.

I haven’t read any other of Peter James’ books, and Dead Like You is the sixth in a series. It’s written in a strange way, jumping back and forth through time, and it caught me off guard by doing that. I wasn’t sure if we were in the past or the present. There were also a lot of characters tossed around as potential suspects, even one in the middle of the story. I don’t like that in a mystery. If I’m supposed to be trying to solve the case too, then I need to be able to figure out who everyone is and their possible motives. I will say that I didn’t know until close to the end who the killer was. I found out along with the detective in the story.

I just started Rules of Deception, so I’ll talk about that one in the next update. So far the first chapter is pulling me in.

You can see I enjoy ghost stories and mystery / thrillers. I’m going to try to pick something different as I continue the challenge. The point is to get myself out of my comfort zone.

What are your favorite books or authors? Share in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter  so I can get some ideas for new books to read.

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