Start Expecting Great Things by Appreciating the Good Things

Feb 15

Start Expecting Great Things by Appreciating the Good Things

It can be difficult when we first try to expect great things or even good things in our lives. You may be telling yourself the story that nothing good ever happens to you or you just don’t have good luck. It’s time to change that story now and start expecting good things to come to you.

If expecting great things feels too difficult for you, then start by appreciating the good things. Everyone has something good in their life, and no matter what the story has been in your past you can now change it and make it better.

Appreciate your spouse or significant other.

Appreciate your best friends.

Appreciate the car you drive.

Appreciate your home.

Appreciate your parents.

Appreciate your job.

Just for today, appreciate something in your life. As you appreciate the good things, you will then find great things coming to you.

What do you appreciate today?

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