Can’t Miss Podcast – Flipped Lifestyle

Feb 12

Can’t Miss Podcast – Flipped Lifestyle

A few months ago I was listening to the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn and I heard an interesting story from a football coach and a librarian from Kentucky. Shane and Jocelyn Sams had flipped their life and were earning an income online that surpassed their teaching jobs and were planning to quit after that school year.

This was an interesting story because 1) they were from Kentucky and their southern accents sound a lot like mine (people I could relate to) and 2) they had made money with products in football coaching and library science, not the “make money online” niche or even a related niche.

I knew they had a website, but I’ve just started listening to their podcast. I love their down-to-earth style and how they answer the questions in such a simple way. I especially love how they end each podcast with their “can’t miss moments”, moments they were able to have with each other and their children that they wouldn’t have had if they had still been working in education.

My Biggest Takeaway from Flipped Lifestyle

I’ve also learned a lot from them through the free 6-part video series they made on building a website and creating your opt-in offer. My top takeaway? Write your ebook or offer in presentation software, like Powerpoint or Open Office or even within Google Drive. This has never occurred to me. I’ve been writing everything in Word and then formatting it. While this may not work for Kindle books, it will definitely work for PDF files, and this is how I’m creating my upcoming FREE ebook, The SMART Goals Guide for Dreamers.

Listen to Shane and Jocelyn at or download on iTunes. You’ll learn a lot.

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