Chicago: The Musical at The Majestic Theater, San Antonio

Feb 06

Chicago: The Musical at The Majestic Theater, San Antonio

We’ve crossed something else off our San Antonio bucket list – seeing a show at the Majestic Theater.

Late last year, I saw that Chicago was going to be performed here at the end of January, so I bought tickets as soon as possible. I’ve never seen the play, only the movie, and it was definitely worth it.


The Theater

The Majestic Theater is in downtown San Antonio. It’s a beautiful historic building that catches your eye from the moment you enter the lobby. There are sculptures, painted tile, and carved woodwork everywhere you look.

We sat in the right side balcony and had an outstanding view of the stage and the surrounding decor. The ceiling of the auditorium is painted a dark blue, giving the entire area the feeling of sitting outside under the night sky.


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 Chicago: The Musical

The play did not disappoint. There were several funny moments, especially with the character of Roxie (Bianca Marroquin), and a couple of times the actors broke the fourth wall by speaking directly to the audience or to the orchestra conductor. The actor playing Billy Flynn had a very distinctive voice and I kept thinking it was familiar. He was none other than John O’Hurley, a voice actor and former host of Family Feud.

Chicago – The Musical is the story of two women in 1930s Chicago. Velma Kelly is a popular stage act, along with her sister Veronica. Roxie Hart is a mechanic’s wife who wants the fame and fortune Velma Kelly already has. They both end up in Cook County Prison when Velma is accused of killing her sister and her husband after catching them in an affair and Roxie after shooting her lover, Fred Casely.

My favorite song in the production – both stage and screen – is Cell Block Tango. In this song, we meet six women in the Cook County prison and find out what they did to end up there. This is from the movie version.


Getting There and Parking

The Majestic Theater is on East Houston Street in San Antonio. There are several parking areas nearby, including the Mid-City / Houston Street garage on the corner of College Street and Navarro. We parked in the South Bank lot on Navarro Street. If you can find a City of San Antonio lot, parking is cheaper and on Tuesday nights downtown parking is usually free (only in a city lot). If you’re driving into town, leave early and give yourself time to find parking and get to the theater. The first lot we were going to park in was full, so we had to circle the block to another one.


Accessibility Issues

There are a lot of stairs to climb to reach the mezzanine and balcony level seats. There are elevators if they’re needed. The seats are small and close together. Because of my legs (lipedema issues) I had to sit sideways to keep my knees from hitting the people sitting in front of us. If you need to purchase accessible seating, you have to call the Box Office or Ticketmaster directly. I don’t know if there is a price difference for handicapped seating.


Talk Back!

Have you ever seen Chicago – The Musical? What’s your favorite part?  Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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