Look Ahead with Great Expectation – Video

Feb 01

Look Ahead with Great Expectation – Video

My word for 2015 is expectation, and I’m continuing to #expectgreatthings in my life and business. I’m going to focus Sundays in 2015 on inspirational messages about expecting great things in our lives.


This message from Guruji Pt. Krishen Ramdeen is all about expecting great things in 2015.

We should be expecting good things in 2015 just like a child anticipates and expects good things on Christmas morning.

Our God is a great God, and he showers abundance on us based on our expectation and our faith. We mustn’t just have expectations – we must have GREAT expectations. Don’t just allow things to happen and just accept anything. Set great expectations for ourselves and our family. Plant those seeds of expectation.

You can plant seeds of negative expectations by speaking negatively about our lives and our situations. By speaking failure over ourselves, using words like “never”, you will get what you expect.

God wants to provide, but are you expecting? If you are expecting nothing, you will get nothing. Open your mind to dreams. Change the energy patterns and change what you expect.

Many people are so negative and they don’t realize they’re always negative. They are always complaining, looking for the next disappointment.

Remember the good things in your life. The memory of good things can change your mood. The brain treats positive and negative emotions differently. It takes more memory space to store something negative than something positive. Our thoughts naturally gravitate to the negative. There is good news! We are holding the remote control. We can switch that channel and change to the positive message.

God has allowed us the ability to change those thoughts.

The journey of life isn’t a smooth road. We must make sure we pay attention and when we’re hurt and depressed and upset we must change the message.

When love is inside of us, we can better take control of our responses to life.

You may have fallen down, but you have a choice. You can focus on falling down or getting back up.

Expect the great things to happen in your life and God is waiting to make miracles. What God has done in the past, he can do it again.

Blessed are they who expect great things, for they shall be ready to receive.

Set small goals but have big visions.

What are you expecting for 2015? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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