Our Texas Heritage – Texas History Overview

Jan 30

Our Texas Heritage – Texas History Overview

One of the items on our San Antonio Bucket List is to learn about the history of the state and our local area.  We’ve already done a bit of that by traveling to the missions around San Antonio, but I thought I’d spend some time on a bit of an historic overview of our new home state. I found this wonderful short video, Our Texas Heritage.

Did you know? 

Six flags have flown over the land that is now Texas, and even though it’s been part of the United States since 1845, it’s still called the Lone Star State.

Texas is the second largest state in America. The largest state, by area, is Alaska.

The natives to this area called it Tejas, which then became Texas.

Twelve missions were established by Spain. We’ve visited the five missions around San Antonio.

San Antonio is the 25th largest city in the United States based on metro population area. It’s sometimes said it’s the 7th largest or I’ve even heard the 3rd. I sometimes believe it, especially on the Interstate during rush hour. But one thing we’ve noticed is that the city isn’t really that crowded. It’s a large city, but with so many diverse little neighborhoods and surrounding towns, it still has a small town feel.

Yes, the downtown area around the Alamo can be crowded because in addition to the local people there are also several thousand tourists that visit San Antonio each year. In fact, the city was ranked the #1 destination in Texas by Texas Highways Magazine.

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