Start Selling on eBay in 2015 – Part 4

Jan 27

Start Selling on eBay in 2015 – Part 4

I’m continuing the Start Selling on eBay tutorial series that I started last November. The goal of the tutorial is too get you set up on eBay and PayPal, earning feedback, and start earning money by selling things you already have.

Start Selling on eBay Part 1Part 2 Part 3

This week I’m going to go a bit deeper into listing — titles and research.


How to Search Sold Listings

Before you list something, you need to research it, especially if you aren’t sure what it is or why someone may want it. Do do research on eBay, you can search completed listings.

You do this by doing an advanced search. You search for your item, then tell eBay you’re looking for completed / sold items. You also want to change the sorting feature to price – highest to lowest. You’re not looking for the widget that sold for $5. You want to know the highest price the widget has sold for.

Ebay search tutorial 1 Sold listings




Once you know what the item has sold for in the past, then you can set your price. Look at some of the items that sold. Is yours in better condition? Can you take a better picture? Look at the descriptions and headlines the other sellers used. Don’t copy their listing word for word, but you can find out what keywords they’re using or something interesting about the company that made the item or the item itself that you can use in your listing.

For example, you may find out that instead of using the color “blue” on an item it’s exact term may be “royal blue”. By using the correct keywords in your title and description, you have a better chance of your item being found by those seeking it.


I Can’t Find a Sold Listing!

What if you search for your item, you use everything you can at your disposal, and there’s just not a listing there?

eBay listings only go back 90 days, so if something hasn’t sold in that time period, you may not find it. Other things, like handmade dolls or clothing, most likely won’t show up either.

There are tools like Terapeak that show eBay listings further back than 90 days, but there’s a subscription to use the tool.

What I do in a case like this is set my own price. Yes, I set my own price. It’s nice to have sold listings, but even with a sold listing you don’t have to price match what anyone else sold the item for.

In a case like this, my strategy is to price high using fixed price, good till canceled, and then I will include a best offer option. If a potential customer comes along, they have the option to send me an offer. If I think it’s a good offer for the item, I’ll accept it and complete the transaction. If not, I’ll counteroffer or decline the offer.


Using Keywords and Writing Titles

You want to use the right words on your eBay title so it will easily be found if someone is searching for that item. The right words are the keywords that match that product.

Ebay title example Adrianna Papell

I like this title because it’s using the words that a potential customer looking for this dress may use. I also like how the seller has mixed all caps (the brand name and new) along with regular text for the title.

I don’t like titles that use the words “Look” or “L@@K” because no one is going to search for that word when they’re wanting to buy something. You want to use a title that simply and accurately describes what you’re selling.


I Want to Hear From You

Let’s practice some titles for eBay listings. Share yours in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter





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