Send an Email to Your Future Self

Jan 25

Send an Email to Your Future Self

Every January for the past three years I’ve been writing a letter to my future self. I use a site called The site is completely free and has worked without a hiccup.

An Exercise in Scripting

Writing to yourself, or writing something and acting as though it’s already happened, is a process called scripting or Pray Rain journaling. By writing as though something has already happened, you’re able to raise your energy level and feel better. For example, if you’re in a funk because you haven’t been able to find a job, scripting about finding that perfect job and how wonderful it is reminds you that this period is temporary. You will find a job, it will be wonderful, and it will all work out.

Letters I Wrote to the Future

One of my letters delivered on July 29, 2012.

Dear FutureMe, 

Hey There! 

You know how you look at other people and wish you could be successful? 

Well, why not you? You can have anything your heart desires. 

Now go get ’em.

From my birthday, delivered July 16, 2013

Dear FutureMe, 

Happy Birthday to you!

You are now 42!

Three years to go,

Don’t start too slow!

$100,000 is in sight!

Go out, have a great night!

You can have fun with these and say whatever you want to your future self.

Changes in Tone

I found, though, this year, that I started writing AS my future self BACK to my past self.

I know, it sounds wonky, but since time is really just wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff, I’ll explain it this way.

I found that I was writing AS myself from about six months or so in the future – the self that’s accomplished The Serenity Project, the self that’s getting ready to go to Germany for the WAL procedure, the self that is earning a full-time income through non-traditional work. That self – from the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 – was writing BACK to the person that will be reading the letters at the time they’re delivered. I was halfway through the year before I realized I wasn’t writing to the future anymore – I was writing FROM the future, and it felt great!

Once I receive the first one, I’ll share it here in an update. That’s a feature of the site – once the letters are scheduled, you can’t open them again.

How I Use Future Me

I write the letters all in one day. I schedule the letters monthly, usually about the middle of the month. I also schedule special letters for birthdays and anniversaries. I don’t remember what I’ve written, and usually when I get one it’s a complete surprise. I love seeing what I’ve written to myself and I’ll open the email as soon I see the notification.

There are some letters on the site that are shared publicly. I keep mine private, but do check out the letters shared and maybe write one of your own. It’s my favorite thing to do in a new year, especially when the future is full of possibility.

Share Your Thoughts

Why not share one of your letters? Share in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.




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