Our San Antonio Bucket List Update – 27 Things to do in the Alamo City

Jan 23

Our San Antonio Bucket List Update – 27 Things to do in the Alamo City

It’s time to update our San Antonio bucket list. We’ve been here nine months now – time does fly! – and I thought it would be good to see what’s on the list and dream a bit about what we want to do during this gray days of winter.

To update, when we first moved here I found a copy of San Antonio magazine from 2013 while browsing a thrift store. There was an article titled “52 Things Every San Antonian Must Do”.

I spent some time browsing the list and got some great ideas for our next set of adventures. Now, I don’t know that we’ll do all of them. For example, I don’t see us at any type of sports event or dancing the night away at a club downtown. Those are all well and good, but just not our style. I’ve actually gotten a few more ideas from the San Antonio blogger group I’m a part of. I will always be thankful for the “what to do on a birthday” thread because it led us to visit Lost Maples.

Based on the magazine article, though, I’m making a list of things to do and as we do them I’ll link to the individual post.

1. Climb Enchanted Rock – this is a place I just discovered from a Southern Living article. We plan to do this possibly in the fall spring  fall 2015

2. Catch a show at the Majestic Theater. Done! We saw Chicago The Musical on January 27.

3. Tower of the Americas (a) observation deck and (b) lunch at Chart House restaurant. Done July 2014!

4. Movie at the Alamo Drafthouse.

6. Visit all of the San Antonio missions – Done in 2014! You can read about our visits so far to Mission San Jose and Mission Concepcion,  the Alamo, Mission San Juan Capistrano and Mission Espada.

7. Visit a farmer’s market on a weekend morning.

8.  Attend a Fiesta event – Done 4/19/15 – Throwback Fiesta

9. Visit Market Square then eat at Mi Tierra for dinner. (I’m leaving this open because we’ve been to Market Square and I’ve eaten at Mi Tierra, but Scott hasn’t.)

10. Take a picture in a field of wildflowers. March 2015. I took a picture OF wildflowers and got bitten by ants, so I say this counts.

11. Travel the Texas Wine Trail with 40+ hill country wineries. This will take some time.

12. Visit the Texas Air museum (link to the site, we haven’t gone yet) San Antonio Museum of Art, Artpace, Blue Star, Marion Koogler McNay estate, The Witte and Institute of Texan Cultures. (Two done! Links go to the posts about our visits there.)

13. Visit marriage island – and maybe crash a wedding 🙂 – Does riding by on the boat tour count? What if the wedding was over?

14. Spend time on the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers. I don’t know that we’ll go tubing, but we’re always up for time in nature.

15. Take a ghost tour – This is definitely on our list!

16. Visit Natural Bridge, Cascade Caverns and Cave Without a Name.

17. Visit small town neighbors – easy to do since we’re already on the outskirts of town. They suggest Fredricksburg (done July 2015! Moving there in August!) Boerne, Gruene, and Castroville.

18. Attend a rodeo.

19. Rent a bike at a B station and ride down the river walk.

20. See the Alamo when lit at night. Done! 6/15/14

21. Attend a festival at Hemisfair park.

22. Shop at an antique mall or flea market. I’m sure we’ll be doing plenty of this. We’ve already seen Traders Village, but there are a couple of others we want to check out. They recommend Bussey’s Flea Market, Traders Village, Ironside Market and Back Alley Antiques.

23. Take a photo with the 40 foot boots at the North Star Mall. Done March 2015

24. Watch a river parade.

25. Learn the history of the city.

26. Date night at the San Antonio Botanical Garden – Gardens by Moonlight in October, Concert Under the Stars and Starlight Movies.

27. Eat at local favorites – Little Red Barn, Jacala, La Fogata, Los Barrios, Earl Abel’s, Little Rhein, Barn Door, Pig Stand and Tip Top Cafe.

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So there are our 30+ 27 things to do in San Antonio. I’m sure it’ll take us some time to get around to all of them and I’m sure we’ll be adding a few things to our list.  Why not make a list like this for your town? If you do, share it in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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