Start Selling on eBay in 2015 – Part 3

Jan 20

Start Selling on eBay in 2015 – Part 3

I’m continuing the Start Selling on eBay tutorial series that I started last November. The goal of the tutorial is too get you set up on eBay and PayPal, earning feedback, and start earning money by selling things you already have.

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By this point you’ve bought a few things, left some feedback, and gathered together a box of things you want to sell. Now we’re going to get them listed.  This is an overview. I’ll go more into detail next week.

Two Methods of Listing on eBay

There are a couple of different ways to list on eBay. You can list directly on the website using the Quick Listing Tool or the Advanced Listing Tool. You can also list using the eBay app from your phone or tablet.

Here ‘s a video I found on You Tube that shows how to list on the website.

eBay Photo Tips

If you’re listing using the site, the first thing you need to do is take pictures. You can use your phone or tablet’s camera to take pictures, but here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Use a neat and clean background
  • If you’re listing clothing, hang the item on a hanger over a door or on a mannequin if you have one.
  • Take the best picture you can of the entire item.
  • Zoom in on labels and any damages in place on an item.

I like this video because it has great tips that anyone can do for their pictures. There are two more in this series and they’re all very useful.

For my current background, I use two pieces of posterboard – one as a bottom and one as the back. I plan to buy a piece of display board – the three part posterboard – to replace one of my posterboard sheets and I’ll eventually buy a small lightbox or tent on eBay to use for photographs.

Write Headlines Using Search Terms Customers are Using

When you list your item, use good keywords in the title. Include information about the brand, the size, the color, the fabric. Don’t use words like “Look” or even replace them with “L@@k”. These aren’t words people are looking for. You want to list for the people looking for your items.

Upload Your Photos

You’ll need to attach your camera or phone to the computer to get the photos to use or you can use a service like Photobucket or DropBox and have your photos automatically uploaded to cloud storage. If you use this service, then log into your storage account and download the pictures you want to use. Make a specific folder within your pictures folder or on a flashdrive so you can easily find them again when you’re ready to upload them.

Share Everything in Your Description

When you write your description, you can include the same words you used in the title. Include any other information you want here as well, including measurements (very important for clothing) and any damages to the product. Be specific about damages, even if it’s a tiny spot, and point it out in your photos. If the product isn’t working and you’re selling it for parts, note that in the title and in the description again.

Auction or Fixed Price?

There are many options for an eBay listing. eBay started out with auctions and several sellers still use the auction format. You can have an auction listing with a Buy It Now or go ahead and list fixed price. You can set how many days you want your listing to run as well. eBay often offers free listings to sellers. Sometimes these are limited to auction only or fixed price up to ten days. You’ll need to determine what type of listing is best for your budget right at this moment. If eBay is offering you 100 free auctions, then use the free auctions and play around with other listings types later.

My preference is using fixed price / Good till canceled. This fits my budget, I do still get some free listings, and when I do pay for listings I get a small discount through my eBay store. List your item for the best price you can. You can research prices by searching the completed listings on eBay.

List your item using your preferred format. Then move on to shipping.

Charge Adequately for Shipping

If you plan to continue using eBay, a shipping scale is a must have. I bought mine as part of a bundle from eBay. It came with some shipping labels and other things and it was more affordable than the scale I found at Office Depot.

You can offer free shipping, but be sure to set your price high enough to cover the cost of shipping. Free shipping isn’t free to you. Enter in the weight of the item, making sure to round up for packing material and the box the item will be shipped in. Some things can be shipped in a simple polymail envelope, but others will need bubble wrap, paper and a large box. I typically ship priority mail or parcel post for large items, first class for small and light items and media mail for books and movies. Video games cannot be sent media mail.

Check and Proofread Your Listing

Now, check your listing and make sure everything looks correct. Proofread your description, then list the item.

Listing Using the eBay App

I tend to list more using the eBay app. Here’s another video on how to list on an iPhone using the app. It’s basically the same on my Android.

Next week I’ll go further into researching sold listings and pricing when you don’t have any sold listings.

In the meantime, go ahead and finish your listings and get started. There will be mistakes – there always are. You can’t do this wrong.

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