Find Tasty Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Food at Sweet Yams Restaurant in San Antonio

Jan 16

Find Tasty Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Food at Sweet Yams Restaurant in San Antonio

A few months ago we were coming back from a book sale at the downtown library in San Antonio and decided to eat lunch while we were downtown. We didn’t want a fast food place, we didn’t want to take our chances at the mall, and the original place we were going to eat had already closed for the afternoon. So I did quick search on Yelp and found Sweet Yams, a funky little hippy’ish shack tucked away a few blocks from downtown but close to our usual parking lot under the interstate.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Don’t be fooled by the exterior. This is a cute little place with great food, and we were so glad to be able to eat a wonderful sandwich on gluten-free bread. We both had the chicken po boy. No chips – just a spring mix salad with a good tasting dressing – a bit tart but not too much – and warm bread on the sandwich. Gluten-free bread always tastes better hot. The chicken had some kind of sauce on it, not quite a BBQ sauce, just something with a bit of flavor.

Chicken po boy sweet yams san antonio gluten free bread

Chicken Po Boy at Sweet Yams, San Antonio, on gluten free bread

We had to try the gluten free dessert. The menu said Sweet Potato cake but we ended up with three sweet potato cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting. They didn’t last long. We almost didn’t get a picture.

sweet potato cupcake sweet yams san antonio

Sweet Potato cupcake sweet yams san antonio

We’ve been there twice and had the same thing, but I think I’ll try their gluten-free macaroni and cheese next time.

Close to Downtown with Convenient Parking

It’s so refreshing to have a place to have a healthy lunch or dinner when you’re near the downtown area. Free parking is available outside of the building. They’re open till 7pm most days. The building is open to the outside, so you may need to get take out or wear a coat if you visit in the winter (It’s 37 and raining as I write this).

Check out Sweet Yams on Yelp and on Facebook, and be sure to stop by if you’re in San Antonio.

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