Start Selling on eBay 2015 – Part 2

Jan 13

Start Selling on eBay 2015 – Part 2

I’m continuing the Start Selling on eBay tutorial series that I started last November. The goal of the tutorial is too get you set up on eBay and PayPal, earning feedback, and start earning money by selling things you already have.

If you’ve gone through Start Selling on eBay part 1, you should have an eBay account and a PayPal account. It’s been a while now, so your PayPal account should be confirmed and you should have it linked to a bank account. Be sure to sign up for a premier or business account with PayPal so you can get the debit card. The card is very useful because you can access your PayPal funds using the card instead of waiting on the money to transfer to a bank account.

Let’s get familiar with the eBay screens. You’ll want to go to My eBay. This is where most of your information can be found. You’ll see what you have listed, what you have sold, what didn’t sell, what you bought, your feedback. Even with my eBay store, I still spend most of my time here in the Selling Manager Summary.

My eBay tutorial photo





Here’s a video on using your My eBay page. It looks a bit different but not much.

Click on your ID name and you’ll see what will become your profile page. Click on “edit profile”.

eBay profile page




At the top right you’ll see where you can add a cover image (size 1200×270), a logo or profile photo, and you can share some information about yourself. Go ahead and update this now if you want. This is also where you can share your “for sale” page to social media. You can see the links at the top right or you can copy and paste the URL. This is a specific URL to your profile page. When you’re finished, click on “Done Editing”.

Now transfer some money into your PayPal account because you’re going to start to build some feedback now. You want to buy a few small things to use yourself or to resell. Yes, people do that. I’ll go more into that later on. It will take a few days to get money into your PayPal account, so come back to finish this part of the lesson.

Once the money is in the PayPal account, find some items to buy. It doesn’t matter if they’re on auction or buy it now. Buy the items and pay for them. Within 24 hours, you should have feedback. If you’ve bought five small items, at least three of the sellers should leave you feedback pretty quickly. Some sellers wait until you receive the package and leave feedback and some don’t leave any. It’s all up to the seller.

While you’re waiting on your packages to arrive, go through your house and start finding things to sell. Clean out your closets, your garage, your dressers, your storage unit. Grab a box of about 10 or 20 items. We’re going to list those next week.

In the meantime, wait for the items you bought and when they arrive, if you’re happy with the item, leave the seller feedback for their end of the sale. If a seller was waiting on you to leave feedback first, then they should leave their feedback in the next 24 to 48 hours.

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