Creative Life’s First Year

Jan 06

Creative Life’s First Year

On December 31, 2013 I wrote these words in our introductory post:

We want to be self-employed with at least two freedom businesses, buy an RV, and begin a creative lifestyle of freedom, independence and mobility by January 2016.

Wow! I said that 2014 was the year we stopped dreaming and started the work, and even though things seemed like they were moving slow, they were moving.

What changed in 2014?

  • I started selling on eBay again in January of 2014, adding it to our current Amazon business. We now have over 100 items in our eBay store and over 250 on Amazon.
  • I added a couple of downloads to my how-to transcription site and did some upgrades to the site.
  • We downsized our possessions in order to take a new job managing a storage facility near San Antonio, Texas.
  • We moved far away from family and friends in mid-April.
  • Our son worked here for a while, and moved further west at the end of July. We’re now officially empty nesters.
  • I created two more niche sites to grow in 2015.
  • I wrote a rough draft of a mystery novel during NaNoWriMo.
  • We started the Serenity Project, with a goal to reach $5,000 in order to buy a used RV this spring.
  • I took a part-time job over the holidays to kick of the Serenity Project and help pay off some debt.

I have to say it looks like we’re on track! We have our two businesses up and running, so the goal now is to scale them into our primary income.  Our small amount of debt will be paid no later than this summer, leaving us debt free except for a student loan. Our savings account is growing every week. If anything, I would change our goal to be this:

We want to be self-employed with at least two freedom businesses that use our creative talents, buy an RV, and have a location independent lifestyle by January 2016. 

One of the best things I did at the beginning of this year was read a new book on money management titled Dealing With Your Money $h!t (affiliate link). It’s written by life coach Cassie Parks. Don’t let the title put you off – it’s a very practical and down to earth book. One of the most helpful suggestions she shared was her budget breakdown. I’ve read Dave Ramsey’s books and several other budgeting and money books, but her breakdown of living on 60 percent of your income really changed my thinking. At the end of December I created a January budget specifically towards this breakdown. Right now we’re living on 70% of our income and getting to 60% won’t be a problem. This gives me such a feeling of peace, I can’t explain it. I’ve also gone through Cassie’s Money, Money, Money program on Facebook and I highly recommend it as well.

I’m happy with where we are right now in 2015. I can’t wait to see where we are in 2016!






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