The One I Wrote for You – Opening in Texas December 5

Dec 03

The One I Wrote for You – Opening in Texas December 5

I was sent a complimentary pre-release DVD of this new movie, The One I Wrote For You. A blog post wasn’t required as a condition of receiving this DVD, but I’m happy to share my thoughts and opinions. 

The One I Wrote for You was filmed here in San Antonio, Texas. It stars Cheyenne Jackson (Glee, CSI) and Christine Woods (The Walking Dead, Flash Forward) as Ben and Alicia Cantor. Ben is a barista at a local coffee shop but he’s always loved to write songs and perform. He let his dream go, like most of us do, when he married and had a family.

One of Ben’s songs is chosen for a new reality show for singer / songwriters and he grudgingly appears on the show then goes along on the ten city tour that culminates in New York for the finale.

Ben tells Jan, the mother of one of the young performers on the show, that it’s possible to do what you love and keep your integrity. She replies, “When you find out how to do that, let me know.”

The story explores this question. Can you do what you love, as an artist, and keep your integrity? Or do you have to buy in to the pressure to be and do what others expect of you?

Ben first stays true to his word, but as he continues to do what he wants to do and falls to last place week after week, he tells his manager, Mickey (Kevin Pollak), that you can’t win unless you buy in. He immediately begins to change his looks and his wardrobe, becoming the flashy, upbeat singer the producers have been telling him to be. Even as he’s singing his song about how he’s in charge, he’s letting others call the shots.

As a writer, I’ve had my share of rejection from publishers that say, “This isn’t what’s selling.” I’ve heard other writers say similar things. Publishers keep saying, “This isn’t what the public wants. Write what sells.” One writer rewrote her story at least ten times based on the advice of different editors and agents. She was told it’s too sexy, now it’s too tame. It needs to be more funny or now it’s too funny. She finally self-published the original story – along with more books written in the same style – and is a six figure indie author.

I think all artists hear this advice – “Do” what sells – at one time or another, and it becomes a tipping point for us. Do we continue to write, sing, act or perform in a way that’s real and true for us or do we do what others want us to do?

I enjoyed the positive message of this movie. It’s family friendly with no language or nudity. Every time someone comes close to saying a swear word, Ben’s daughter, Gracie (Avi Lake) pulls out her college fund jar and the speaker has to pay a quarter.

The movie opens in Texas Friday, December 5. If you’re looking for a feel good movie that has a positive message about following your dreams, it’s definitely one to see.



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  1. Christina, I love your perspective on the movie. And, it’s so nice to hear of the author you mentioned who stuck to what was true to them and still had great success. How encouraging! Thanks so much for working on this campaign with us to get the word out about this fantastic family movie. 🙂

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