Happy Thanksgiving! And an update

Nov 27

Happy  Thanksgiving! And an update

Two weeks ago when we kicked of Project Serenity I decided to take a part-time job away from our primary job and our online business stuff. The plan was to save money for our camper, have some Christmas money, etc. I was supposed to be working up to 25 hours a week, but with the holidays I’ve ended up working over 35 hours for two weeks on top of the primary job. ¬†Everything has taken a back seat so I can rest and sleep when needed. The first two days I thought I was going to keel over from the pain in my legs and feet. It’s not easy working retail, especially when you have lipedema. My feet ached and were swollen after each shift. I was doing a zombie shuffle around the house each day. Wearing my compression hose has helped and now the pain isn’t so bad anymore. But it does mean less time to write blog posts. One thing I’ve learned from these past two weeks is I need to focus on what makes us money. That means eBay and Amazon sourcing and listing and working on a VA project that’s currently ongoing. I’ll still post as often as I can, but it may end up being once a week instead of four times.

I will be working on Thanksgiving, but I hope anyone who reads this has a great holiday and a lot of good food. I’ll be home again by 3pm, ready to enjoy a great meal prepared by my wonderful husband.

Working in retail again has definitely provided the contrast to show me what I really want and how I’ve wasted the time I’ve had for the past seven months. I’m thankful for the opportunities presented online and I plan to get back to them ASAP. Our goal is to get 1000 items in our eBay store and continue to list on Amazon as well. We have to put the work in now as these pipelines will be our income when we start full time traveling at the end of 2016, beginning of 2017. If we want to have a full-time income then (what I estimate to be $3K month) then we need to put the work in now so I won’t have to take another retail job to bring in extra money and replace our savings.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone.



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