Spending Less on the Road – RV Travel Tips

Nov 07

Spending Less on the Road – RV Travel Tips

Last week I shared some tips I’d gleaned over the years from all of the blogs I’ve been reading about the full-time RV life. I thought I’d check out some of my favorite blogs and find out what they do to help curb expenses while on the road.

An important note is that travel is personal. If you spend a lot of money now while in a stationery house, you’ll most likely spend money on the same things while in an RV. When we hit the road, we plan to spend money on experiences, not things. We don’t need the next RV trinket or a souvenir T-shirt or shot glass. Instead, we’ll come away with memories and photographs.

Gone with the Wynn’s have shared their expenses since 2011. The Q2 2014 report they have listed has a total of $7965 of travel and living expenses. That’s $2655 a month. To help spend less money, the Wynn’s say they’ll spring for the hot air balloon tour but they prefer free camping by using BLM and National Forest land instead of staying at a campground.

Other tips to spend less while on the road:

Buy groceries and cook in your RV instead of eating out.

Get out of the tourist mindset. Stay in one place longer to save on fuel and don’t visit all the tourist spots.

When out west, boondock on BLM or National Forest land as much as possible. There is some National Forest land on the east coast, but there’s more out west. You can stay up to two weeks on BLM land.

Use technology available to help spend less. Use websites to find free camping land and use an app like Gas Buddy to find the cheapest price for gas.

Basically, the way to spend less money when on the road is the same as when you live in a stationery house. You choose what’s important to you and do those things.

Are you a full-time RVer? How do you spend less on the road? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.



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