The Serenity Project Kicks Off

Nov 06

The Serenity Project Kicks Off

I am a planner. I’ve always been a planner. I will always make to do lists, even if they don’t get done. It’s ingrained into me. I especially love having a plan laid out in front of me, step by step, to help a dream come true.

When we started talking about buying an RV several years ago we never thought the day would really come. Then in January we started this blog, which is detailing our path to living a creative life and supporting ourselves through various business ventures.

Now it’s time to shake things up bit. We’ll be buying our camper within the next seven months. This project – because every awesome project deserves a name – is called The Serenity Project.

If you’re a Firefly fan, you get the reference. We’ve always called our future RV Serenity. When we think about picking her out, moving in, making all the adjustments necessary for her to become ours, we think back to the Firefly episode, Out of Gas. There’s an emergency and the crew has to abandon ship, leaving Captain Mal aboard his beloved ship. As he’s running out of air, he remembers how he found the ship and assembled his crew. The last scene is Mal in a shipyard, being shown a ship, and the salesman is talking about how solid she is and how she’ll take care of you. But he’s not looking at the ship the salesman is standing near. He’s looking in the opposite direction, at an old Firefly class ship, the type others scoff at. But he knows – she’s the one. This is his Serenity, and she’ll be the one taking him out into the black.

Out of Gas is one of my favorite episodes. And now I need to watch it again.

So we knew we wanted to get this project started so it was time to make a plan. And to help with that, I bought a copy of Dream, Save, Do (affiliate link) by Warren and Betsy Talbot of Married With Luggage.

I’ve been following Betsy and Warren for several years. They wrote this book to detail the steps they took in saving and planning for their dream to travel the world. The best thing about this plan is that the steps can be used to work on ANY dream, not just travel. Want to write a book, open a business or move to a new city? Work the plan.

We’re up to Chapter 5 right now. So far we’ve clarified our dream and discussed what we really want. Time does change what you want and what you need. We used the tips in Dream, Save, Do to discuss and clarify what each of us wants and how to negotiate and compromise when necessary.

For example, we’ve talked about all different types of RVs, and now we’ve both agreed that a Class A between 27 – 37 feet is the best for us, especially with our pets. We need an RV that will be comfortable to live in full-time with our dogs and cat but something that will fit into most state and federal park campgrounds. We need some storage and room to work as well, and we don’t want to spend the money on a truck and a camper.

The next step we’ll be working on will be creating our “Dream Porn”, Betsy and Warren’s delightful way of describing a vision board. I’ll be picking up the supplies for our board this weekend. It won’t be a one time thing, though. We’ll be working on our Dream Porn until the project is complete and before moving on to phase 2.

The next step is to put a number on it, so we’ll be discussing that and continuing on through the book over the next few months. I’ll share at least monthly on our Serenity Project and let everyone know how it’s going.

You can find Warren and Betsy at Married with Luggage and also read more books they’ve written – (Affiliate Links)

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Do you have a Dream, Save, Do (affiliate link) Goal? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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