Dinner at Trail Riders Steakhouse, Floresville, TX

Oct 17

Dinner at Trail Riders Steakhouse, Floresville, TX

We heard a great review from one of our customers about the Trail Riders Steakhouse just down the road from us in Floresville. It wasn’t just about the food – although he said the bread pudding was excellent – but it’s the way the restaurant is decorated.

It’s very much a neighborhood, local place and it’s decorated with vintage football and cheerleading uniforms. The tables are a collage of photos and newspaper cut outs, polyurethaned to a shine. The customer told me that the restaurant is run as a project by the high school to earn money for the football teams, sort of like a booster club. I wasn’t able to verify that during our visit, but the support for the school and the team is definitely there.

I had a steak with fries and a salad and Scott had fish. We had to be careful as we eat gluten-free and much of the menu is the typical fried foods. They brought us bread right off the bat that we sent back. Eating gluten-free also means we didn’t eat any of the excellent bread pudding they’re known for, although we did ask what other desserts they had. Unfortunately, they didn’t offer anything other than cakes, so we had to pass on desert.

We enjoyed walking around town after dinner. Floresville is a pleasant town and reminds us a lot of our hometown in Georgia. They have a theater that offers first run movies at a bit lower than the local multiplex, but has the hometown charm with it. There’s also an ice cream place down the street.

We’re looking forward to going back to Floresville soon, taking in a movie at the historic theater, and enjoying another walk around town.

We took a few more pictures as we roamed around town. You can see them in our DropBox album.

What’s your favorite local place to eat? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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