Tabless Thursday – Can You Use Only One Browser Tab at a Time?

Oct 16

Tabless Thursday – Can You Use Only One Browser Tab at a Time?

I found this article over at Fast Company about single tasking and only using one browser tab at a time. This came from the Atlantic  and they’ve embedded an interesting video about how this idea came about.

Right now, as I write this, I have four tabs open. All of them relate to working on this blog post. I have Google Drive open with my article spreadsheet, WordPress, and the article on Fast Company. I also have a Word document open that includes links and other things I like  to copy / paste.

I don’t know if I could go to one tab only, but using an older, slower laptop has made me batch my work differently because it does take so long to open something new.

For example, in writing a blog post I might have all of the above tabs open, then try to go to a photos page to download a photo to use in the post, then go to Canva to create the graphic for the post. All of this takes FOREVER on my current computer. It took thirty minutes just to start writing this post. So I have to stay focused and keep just what I need open for THIS post.

I’ll also be saving this post and doing all of my graphics on another day. This has actually saved time instead of doing graphics one by one for each post. I write the posts, save them as a draft, then download pictures for about five or six posts and do them all in Canva one right after another.

This goes beyond Tabless Thursday and how we interact on the Internet, though. I find myself checking email and Facebook while watching TV with my husband or when we go out to dinner. I want to make an effort to be fully present and in the activity that I’m doing at that moment. I want to enjoy the show I’m watching or the food I’m eating and the people I’m with. The video in the Fast Company article talks about our tabs being like our life. We have so many things going on all at once, it’s no wonder we burn dinner or forget to pick someone up after school or leave a bag of clothes at Walmart.

So I’m going to start forming a habit to work on one thing at a time and being fully present in life by following a few guidelines for myself.

Only have as many browser tabs open that relate to what I’m working on RIGHT NOW.

Check phone at planned intervals, not randomly.

Put phone out of reach during time with family and eating out.

Take one day away from computer / cell phone use.

Use the pomodoro technique to stay focused and remember to take breaks.

Will you participate in Tabless Thursday? Can you work with only one tab open?  Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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