Is Speed Reading a Useful Skill? My Results

Oct 14

Is Speed Reading a Useful Skill? My Results

I read Pat Flynn’s post about speed reading as a skill a few weeks ago. He shared a video from the Kwik Learning series posted on You Tube.

I followed along with the tests given by Jim on the video and had an average reading score. That surprised me because I usually read fast. But I’ve found that when I am in a testing situation I tend to take more care with what I’m doing. I find this a lot when I’m taking a typing test. I type pretty fast when I’m writing what’s in my head. But when I’m taking a typing test and a job or other type of grade falls on what I do, plus I’m reading along from a piece of paper in front of me or on a computer screen, I tend to slow down.

I haven’t tried the tips Jim shares in the video since first trying it out, but I wonder if maybe I should. I read so much during a day, for both pleasure and to stay informed on topics relating to our freedom businesses. How much time could it save me if I was able to read and retain the information faster?

Just a warning, though. The videos are long, but most of it is the science behind this method of speed reading and why it works. I found myself getting bored and drifting off a few times while watching, and yes, I admit I fast forwarded a bit until he reached the next exercise.

Do you think speed reading is a useful skill for a business owner or entrepreneur? Did you take the skills tests? How did you do? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.





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