Ebay Listing Challenge Final Numbers

Oct 07

Ebay Listing Challenge Final Numbers

We ended up not listing anything during the last week of the Ultimate Listing Challenge. We did have three sales over the last weekend of September, though.

In total, we grossed $212.00. We listed $860 over three weeks. Per the challenge, you’re supposed to list 3x what you want to make. With that logic, we should have grossed $286. We were only off by $74, so I guess the 3x rule has some merit. I do wish the sales had been more together instead of spaced so far apart, but I’m happy with what we made over September.

Sanrio Hello Kitty black purse


One of the items we sold was this Hello Kitty purse. I bought it at a yard sale back in June. It sold for $10 and went to Guam.


We’re going to keep listing as much as we can through October. Did you take part in the Ultimate Listing Challenge? How did you do? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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