Ultimate Listing Challenge Update

Sep 30

Ultimate Listing Challenge Update

We didn’t reach our goal of $375 listed for this past week. I listed $110. We did sell two more items, but we haven’t made our goal of grossing $500.

I’ll be doing a complete wrap up of the month on October 7.

Moving forward, I plan to stick with this goal of $375 of product listing each week. It’s a doable goal and keeps me focused on items that can make money instead of the lower $5 – $10 items. I’m also planning to drop clothing from our eBay store. The clothing isn’t moving well and it’s selling at a low price. If I can’t get the clothing pieces bundled together so they’ll sell at a higher price, then I’m planning to donate them to a local thrift store and clean out the space in our eBay store.

So what did we sell this week? We sold 2 books and a power supply that our son bought years ago when he was planning to build a gaming computer. This Modxstream Power Supply sold for $40 on a Best Offer.

OCZ Modxstream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply

Have you ever sold on eBay or have you thought about it? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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