My Five Favorite RV Lifestyle Bloggers

Sep 19

My Five Favorite RV Lifestyle Bloggers

Ever since Scott and I started planning a life of full-time RV living I started looking for bloggers already living this life. I wanted to know what they had to offer and what information they shared with those of us wanting to be an RV traveling nomad. I had a lot of questions – how do you earn money? Where do you stay? How often do you move? What about filing taxes? How do you get Internet, TV, phone service? How do you get your mail?

These five bloggers have answered those questions and more. They’ve all full-timed for several years and share so much information about work, lifestyle, and money. Every time I start to read one of these blogs I can’t wait until we finish saving for our motorhome and can join the ranks of full-time travelers.

Here are my favorite RV Lifestyle Bloggers, in no particular order:

1.  RV-Dreams – Howard and Linda Payne have been traveling for over eight years in their truck / fifth wheel combination. I found the site years ago after searching for information on filing taxes when workcamping. Howard was a lawyer back in the day and has a head for finances, research and information. They show their monthly expenses and include a list of what they bought to start their full-time lifestyle. Howard’s estimate is that a moderate income of $33,000 annually is all it takes to full-time comfortably. There are those who spend more and those who spend less. The important thing is to get out there and enjoy your life.

2. Technomadia – If I want to know something technical about the RV life – Internet access, solar panels, working on the road – this is the place to go. Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard have been traveling since 2006, starting in a small camper and now in a restored vintage bus. They earn money through app development and they just released their newest, updated book The Mobile Internet Handbook (Amazon Affiliate Link).

3. Live. Work. Dream. Jim and Rene have been traveling since 2007. They own their own business but they also workcamp to earn money during their traveling. I’ve been reading lately about workcamping on a working ranch. They also started Tripawds, a blog about three-legged dogs, inspired by their dog Jerry who had bone cancer.

4. To Simplify. I started following Glenn Morrissette several years back when he was traveling in two different camper vans – a Falcon and a Chinook. He’s since customized a Volkswagon Vanagon (my dream camper van!) and is still traveling on the road. A musician by trade, Glenn works as a composer remotely and sends his audio files to his clients online.

5. Weaselmouth. Deke and Tiffani Waters own an Airstream (my next dream camper!) and they’ve been living and working from their Airstream since 2011. When I first started following them, they lived in their camper but still had traditional jobs. This is one way to simplify your life – downsize to a smaller home. Since then, they’ve been traveling more often and sharing their favorite places.

There they are – my top five RV lifestyle blogs. There are so many more that I try to keep up with, but it’s almost impossible. Each of them shows the RV life in a new way and we can’t wait to be out there joining them!

Have you ever thought about living full-time in an RV and traveling? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’d like more information about making money online and starting your own freedom business – so you can travel or follow your own passion – you can buy my book More Time Than Money on Amazon Kindle.

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