eBay Ultimate Listing Challenge Continues

Sep 16

eBay Ultimate Listing Challenge Continues

As I write this, we just finished our first week of the Ultimate Listing Challenge and we’re into week 2. We also beat our listing goal by $2 – we listed $377 of product. We sold $100 over week 1.

One thing I love about eBay is learning about all the stuff we find to sell. I spent most of the weekend learning about golf clubs. We had a set of about 14 and I didn’t know what was what. I learned all about putters, drivers, woods and irons. I researched the brands and the listings on eBay to determine the best price and the best way to sell them. Now we just need to figure out the best way to ship them!

We also did our first product video to show that an item worked. It took some time to get the video made then uploaded to YouTube, but it turned out fine and is a big help to the listing, especially when you want to prove something works.

The idea of listing by dollar amount is that it takes roughly three times what we want to make in gross sales listed in order to actually make that number. Our moderate goal for September is to gross $500 in sales. After fees to eBay and PayPal, any shipping overages and supplies we need to buy, we should net $400.

It’s not too late to join Danni’s Ultimate Listing Challenge and start selling on eBay before Christmas.

Have you ever sold on eBay or ever wanted to start? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.



  1. I’ve only ever sold random things on ebay. If I had a good system I’d love to sell more.

    • I’m still working out my system. I’ll need to do a blog post on it one day. Right now, my husband is taking the pictures and writing up the item details. I download / crop the photos and research the item to see what a good price would be. Then I use his write up (we made a special form) to create the ebay listings. Sometimes this is done from a computer and sometimes I do this completely on my phone. Easy and quick.

  2. I think this is fascinating. I’ve bought things from eBay but never sold them.

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