Inspirational Education Month – Steve Jobs at Stanford

Aug 31

Inspirational Education Month – Steve Jobs at Stanford

Many of us have kids going back to school or starting a new homeschooling year. I homeschooled my son from third grade through graduation, and while I miss those days (sometimes) it’s especially true at this time of the year. I see other bloggers talking about curriculum and taking those first day photos and it all comes back to me. So I thought I would spend the next month (August 31 – September 28) highlighting inspiring education.

Week 1 – Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford University

Some thoughts from his speech:

1. Find what interests you. Follow your passions, follow your interests and the “dots” will connect.

2. Love what you do regardless of the circumstances. Work will be a large part of your life. Love your work and don’t settle.

3. Sometimes what appears to be a bad experience is actually a good experience. Don’t lose faith.

4. If today is the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today? If the answer is no, something needs to change. There is no reason to not follow your heart.

5. Death clears out the old and makes way for the new.

6. Don’t waste your time living another’s life. Don’t let others’ opinions cover your own inner voice.

What did you like most about this speech? What truth hit you hardest? Is there an educational video that has affected you in some way? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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