Pray with Expectation

Aug 24

Pray with Expectation

I had a breakthrough about a week or so ago regarding prayer and belief.

Our van, our only vehicle, had died in our driveway. We towed it to the Midas that had been working on it and waited for the diagnosis.

We’ve been living on faith for a while since coming to San Antonio. I left a good job with benefits, but for our mental health and Scott’s physical health we needed to leave, rest and recuperate. And that’s what’s been happening here. We actually ASKED to live on faith as preparation for our future full-time travels. But I’ve always had this block – will God REALLY take care of us?

It’s surprising since He has taken care of us. We’ve never really been in need. Yes, we may not get what we want, like a Salted Caramel milkshake whenever I want one, but our needs have been met. Jobs have appeared from nowhere, money has been given from nowhere. It just happens. I also started a Bible study and meditation practice at the beginning of August regarding healing, so I’ve been in a pretty peaceful place.

Before Scott told me about the van, I was in the backyard with the dogs. They were running around, playing, barking like dogs do. Ariel was playing with her rope toy. Then some flower petals blew across the roof of our house and into the back yard. These are petals that look like they come from trees, but we don’t have any trees on the side of the house where they came from. These blew across from the right – all the trees are on the left at the fence line. So I was standing in the yard, wondering where all of these petals had come from, and enjoying my dogs’ happiness, the breeze on my skin, and the sunshine on my face.

I went inside and Scott was hanging up the phone. That’s when I got the news about our van. It needed a new transmission with an estimated cost of $1900.

My brain started it’s usual checklist – What do we do now? We don’t have another car. We don’t use credit cards. How will we buy groceries and get the bank and do other things we need to do?

But, mixed in there with all of the questions, was the directive to pray. And there was peace about everything. I didn’t have any answers to these questions, but I had peace.

So we prayed, and I asked others to pray for us. And then I said, I can’t wait to see how God works this out. And I felt a sense of expectation I’ve never felt before.

By the end of that weekend we’d started organizing our stuff on eBay to sell, I’d gotten two new VA and transcription clients, and the business owner across the street has let us use his truck twice to get groceries and run errands. We’ve attended church services virtually over the Internet, and even though our van is still at Midas as we don’t quite have all the money yet, I still feel peace over the situation.

Pray with expectation. Know that God hears you and He will answer.








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