Listing Challenge – 21 Items a Week

Aug 19

Listing Challenge – 21 Items a Week

Last week I talked about our eBay store and how we haven’t done well over the summer. Since we never sold anything in July at all I haven’t even done an income report, although I do need to note our expenses because, despite no sales, we did have the same expenses.

But we’re not giving up. Others have talked about the slow period as well but we’re moving into the Back to School period and then Q4 is starting in October. Scott and I discussed it and knew we needed to really ramp things up. We’ve been too lax over the summer and we can’t afford to be. So we’ve decided that we want to list 500 items by the end of the year. That breaks down to 21 items each week (Thursday – Wednesday, because Thursday was the day I started the challenge).

He started taking pictures and I started listing. Between listing on eBay, Amazon, Craig’s List and a few local Facebook yard sale pages, we’ve already met our goal of 21 items listed!

He’s taken even more pictures yesterday, so I’ll be getting pictures and the item information so I can list as much as possible.

Why a listing challenge? Because we can’t control what is sold. We can have a goal to sell X number of things or X amount of dollars or a goal for a certain income, but those goals are outside of ourselves. We can’t make people buy from us. But we can list, so that’s what we’re doing. And apparently it kicked something off. We sold three things on eBay back-to-back, had a question on one item, and then sold two things through Amazon FBA. I don’t know if it’s the algorithms, but the positive action of listing tends to shake stuff up.

If you’re an eBay or Amazon seller, are you listing? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I’ve done spurts of long-term selling on eBay and I’ve definitely noticed that business picks up when you have more listed, especially if the items are at least somewhat related. I know as a buyer I will often check a seller’s other items. Good luck with your challenge!

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