San Juan Capistrano – Missions of San Antonio

Jul 25

San Juan Capistrano – Missions of San Antonio

We’re almost finished with our visits to the five missions surrounding San Antonio, Texas. You can see previous visits here:

Mission San Jose

Mission Concepcion

The Alamo

Mission San Juan Capistrano was moved to the San Antonio area in 1731. It was a self-sustaining mission, similar to Mission San Jose and Mission Concepcion to the north. The mission inhabitants had so many goods available they traded with Mexico and the surrounding area, into Louisiana, even though it was frowned upon.

As with all the missions here in San Antonio (with the exception of the Alamo) the churches are all active parishes. I’ve seen the older photos of the church building at Mission San Juan and it’s amazing how much work has been put into it. It’s a beautiful white color and stands out among the ruins of the rest of the mission. The church is open for regular services and there’s a section in the back for visitors to pray.

The San Antonio Riverwalk has been extended to include all of the San Antonio missions. The river runs nearby – there was a nature trail that is now closed – but there is a bicycle rental area and a map of the Riverwalk.

Despite the heat, this is a very relaxing and quiet place to visit, away from the crowds and traffic in San Antonio.

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See the rest of our pictures in our DropBox Album Mission San Juan Capistrano

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