Organizing Ebay Storage

Jul 24

Organizing Ebay Storage

I said we were going to get our things better organized some time ago, but that hasn’t happened. It’s been very hot here in Texas and by the time the weather has cooled off enough to do anything, we’re ready to eat dinner and head to bed. But it is on my to-do list, so I thought I’d do a quick round up post of some organizing ideas for eBay storage.

Thrifting For Profit’s latest Podcast (number 83) is all about organizing our work space and being more efficient. There are tips on storing not just the products for sale but also the mailing supplies, labels and other things needed in an eBay and Amazon sales business.

The Scavenger Life podcast (Formerly eBay Scavengers) episode 32 is all about organizing your space for eBay items.

Here’s a You Tube video from seller Richard McGee showing how he stores his eBay inventory and supplies.

And eBay coach Suzanne wells also offers a You Tube video about organizing inventory.

We do have some shelves for our storage unit now, but right now we have things socked away in boxes, in closets, in plastic tubs and a few plush items in plastic bags. Once the weather cools down a bit I hope to get some work done and get our space better organized.


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  1. I’ve gone through many periods of heavy eBay selling and organization is always one of the biggest challenges. Thanks for scouting out some resources!

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