June 2014 Income and Expenses

Jul 08

June 2014 Income and Expenses

June was kind of slow but I think we did pretty well this past month. We’ve been listing and sending inventory into Amazon FBA. We’re trying to get inventory built up for Back to School and the holiday season.

June 2014 – Online Sales

Items on Amazon – 193

Items in Ebay Store – 53

Number of Kindle Ebooks – 5


Gross income – 176.10

Paypal fees – 7.70

Shipping – 40.49

Ebay fees – 43.58

Supplies – 62.74 (Bought a clothing mannequin and a shipping scale)

Net income – 21.59

Amazon FBA:

Gross income – 104.94

Amazon FBA fees – 52.53

Inbound Transportation – 19.57 (We shipped 3 boxes to Amazon FBA)

Net income – 32.84


Kindle Direct Publishing Income – 44.79 (includes sales made to Europe)

Nook Press Income – 26.46

I released a fifth book in June – The More Time Than Money Guide: Four Ways to Start Making Money Online Today. It’s available for $2.99 right now on Kindle. Right now my Kindle books are totally passive income. I did an update on the contents of my non-fiction transcription books, but that only cost me time.

Niche Websites:

Ebook sales – 6.97

Ejunkie – 5.00 (shopping cart and download provider for my niche websites)

Site Build It – 29.99

Hostgator – 9.95

I hope to add another niche website by the end of the year.

Business expenses: Used for most businesses

Internet $83 (includes an installation fee)

Inventory sourcing for Amazon and Ebay – $63.15. This money came out of our personal account as well as our business account, so I’m not able to say X went to ebay and Y went to Amazon. So I’m putting it down here.

Overall I’m happy with June and how we’re growing and everything is turning out. We have another shipment almost ready to sent to Amazon for the beginning of July and we’re just going to continue to list and grow and get ready for Q4 and the holiday sales. We have a lot of inventory to process and get organized too so that will take up our evenings for a while as we organize our storage unit and put up some shelves.

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