Camping Trip Preparation

Jul 04

Camping Trip Preparation

We’re planning a camping trip for the end of July, heading north to Brownwood State Park. I’m getting together our supplies and trying to decide what we need and what we want. We’ll be heading up on a Saturday and coming home on Monday. Our son will be taking care of the pets.

Supplies to bring:


Sleeping mat.

Sleeping bag


First Aid kit

Food and water – must remember to order gluten free graham crackers for smores.

Cooler and ice

Camp stove

Pots, pans, cookware

Dishes and silverware or plastic ware and paper plates, etc.

Cell phones – for emergencies and to take photos

Cell phone chargers



Toilet paper

Bath supplies – shampoo, soap, towel, washcloth

Bug spray



Rain gear

Is there anything else you would take on a tent camping trip? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. Holy Cow.. this post hits close to home!! My daughter just moved to Brownwood, TX!!! Report back and let us know how it is! When we visit her that might be our option is to camp but in an RV! Linking up from SA Bloggers!

    • I will definitely be posting a review of the campground after we get back. I’m following the page on Facebook already and it looks like a beautiful place.

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