Downsizing to 100 things

Jul 03

Downsizing to 100 things

A few years ago a blogger named Dave Bruno decided he wanted to minimize his personal belongings to 100 things. He started the 100 things challenge and over the years several bloggers have picked up on this same challenge. Since one of our goals is to travel full-time in an RV, even after our move to a smaller home we still have a lot of stuff. Some stuff is still packed in boxes in the living room or in a bedroom closet. Other stuff is in a storage unit, along with some of our eBay and Amazon inventory. I’m running out of room for my personal clothing. So it’s time to do a 100 things challenge.

I’m taking some tips from the website as I prepare for this challenge.

First, what’s not included:

Items that belong to Scott or our son.

Household items shared by all.

Basically anything else that is mine – clothing, books, electronics – are a part of this. Items I choose to let go can be sold or given away at my discretion, so some items may end up as part of our eBay / Amazon inventory and will be treated as such.

My goal is to start this process and see where I am in one month, the beginning of August. At that point I’ll reassess. I would like to be down to 100 things within 90 days.

First, I’ll be taking inventory of everything I own. Items that go together, like computer / keyboard / mouse and phone / charger and iPod / accessories are counted as one item.

Second, decide on the must-keep items. On my inventory list, mark these items with a star.

Third, the borderline list. This is stuff I’m not sure about yet. On the inventory list, circle these.

Fourth, get rid of the rest. This is the point where I’ll decide to sell the item, give it away or toss it.

I’ll post again in August to share where I am in this challenge. Anyone want to join me? If you do, let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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