Taking Action – The Lymphadema Treatment Act and More

Jun 26

Taking Action – The Lymphadema Treatment Act and More

June is Lipedema Awareness Month. I’ll be talking about my journey with this mostly unknown disorder. Follow the links below the post to read more great blogs by some awesome people who are part of the Lipedema Awareness Blog Hop.

It’s the last week of Lipedema Awareness month so I wanted to share some action steps on what you can do now that you’re familiar with Lipedema and the medical issues surrounding it.

One of the major medical issues for women with Lipedema and who later develop lymphadema -swelling that includes the hands and feet – is the cost of compression wraps and garments. Not all insurance carriers will cover the cost for these medically necessary items. While wrapping and compression is still considered preventive or basic management for lipedema, for the women who develop lymphadema it could be a matter of life and death. Untreated lymphedema can lead to loss of mobility, infection, and even death.

Action step #1 – Contact your members of Congress about the Lymphadema Treatment Act. Specific goals for the act are to provide comprehensive lymphadema coverage, enable patient self-care by providing the equipment and material needed (gauze, wraps, etc), and reduce healthcare costs by reducing the co-morbidities and disability that goes along with this disorder if untreated.

Action step #2 – Focus on health, not weight. The scale is just a number. It doesn’t show your overall health. Work with your doctor to not just look at BMI or weight. Look at your history, your diet, your activity level, all of your blood work numbers. And if your doctor just keeps on giving you the “eat less, move more” argument or doesn’t want to discuss anything OTHER than weight, find a new doctor. Be proactive in your own health.

Action step #3 – Support research for lipedema and other fat disorders and rare diseases. The Fat Disorders Research Society is actively working towards research for many fat disorders. If you’re a medical nerd, they offer several research papers about lipedema and Dercum’s Disease. Consider making a donation so this much needed research can get off the ground.

Will you join me in taking these action steps toward a better life for those of us with Lipedema and other fat disorders? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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