Mission Concepcion – Missions of San Antonio

Jun 14

Mission Concepcion – Missions of San Antonio

We’re visiting the Missions of San Antonio this month. This is our second stop, Mission Concepcion.

This mission was moved to San Antonio in 1731 by Franciscan friars. It’s one of the oldest and best preserved of the missions. Like all the missions here, except for the Alamo, it’s still an active parish with weekly services.



Restored fresco at Mission ConcepcionThe frescos on the walls are the original paintings done by workers when the mission was built. They were cleaned and restored in the 1970s.





Mission Concepcion in San Antonio, TXThe mission was easy to find and is near downtown. Trolley stops come by during their routes if you’re visiting. The area was very peaceful and calm. A small prayer garden was off to the left of the main church.




If you missed it, here’s our visit to Mission San Jose.

If you’d like to see more pictures, visit the Mission Concepcion album on Dropbox.


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