May Income and Expenses

Jun 10

May Income and Expenses

I was excited to see how we did for May. We’ve sold quite a few things on eBay and I was looking forward to seeing our numbers. I’m looking forward to seeing how having an eBay store will work out for June as well. Right now we have about 30 items on eBay and about 180 on Amazon. We’re sending in three more boxes to Amazon FBA this afternoon. My goal is to list 10 items each week on eBay.

We ended up with a -7.59 on Amazon for May. We sold three items but also sent in three boxes. I plan to up our inventory there over the next few months as we get ready for Q4. I want as much inventory there as possible by Thanksgiving. Our focus on Amazon right now is books and replenishable items. I may also send in some toys if I can get a good enough price margin on them.

Our eBay net amount was $72.72. This is awesome! I know it’s only going to grow and get better. I already have about 30 more things to photograph and list and plan to have at least 100 items in the eBay store by the beginning of July. The eBay store is more eclectic than Amazon. We’re still selling some things we already own, but since it’s yard sale season I’m planning to get out and grab a few interesting things over the summer. Even if they don’t get listed immediately it will give us plenty to list later this fall.

Top it off with income from ebooks on Kindle and Nook and a payout from Google adsense from a niche website, and we made $209.79 net online income.

Our fixed expenses include Internet hosting fees of $40, Ejunkie $5, and Internet costs of $30 month. In June the cost of an eBay Basic Store will be added into that at a cost of $20 month. So far we’re paying these fixed expenses out of our online income, as well as keeping some back for sourcing and savings.

Have you started making money online yet? Have you started an eBay store? How’s it going? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.





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