The Only Constant is Change

Jun 03

The Only Constant is Change

This is especially true in business. Especially an online retail business.

Seller Engine, the company behind the scanner app Profit Bandit, has announced that they’re moving to a subscription model instead of staying with the one price for the app. The fee will be $9.99 month and will take effect on June 4. They’ve said that the old app will continue to work – for a while – as long as it’s not updated or deleted. So I made sure the app wasn’t set for automatic updating and I’ll continue to use it as long as it works. I’ll also use the free shopping app from Amazon that I started with. I’ll be updating my Equipment Needed for FBA post next week.

I like the app and I have found it useful, but I’ve added up all the fees I’m already paying, plus the cost for the eBay store we just opened, and so I’m choosing not to pay another $10 fee right now.

Amazon has also gated some categories that have been popular for many sellers – Grocery and Health and Beauty. I found out that I’ve been grandfathered in, which is a great relief since I like selling these fast turn items. There are ways to ask to sell these items. Some have said you need to have wholesale invoices to send to Amazon. Others have said that you can submit store receipts where you’ve completed some retail arbitrage. The receipts must have the name of the item on the receipt. As I hear more information on that from some of the seller groups I’ll update this to something definitive.

I had a great time last Saturday morning as I hit a few yard sales in my area, a book sale, and bought some retail arbitrage items. I found some really great things and look forward to getting them processed. As I mentioned above, I bit the bullet and started an eBay store this week too, and I’m listing items in the store as fast as I can, following the eBay Scavengers’ manifesto. I don’t know when I’ll hit the 500 items, but my goal is to do 10 items a week right now. I’ll be listing items again on Wednesday. Right now I have 31 items in my Ebay store with about 15 ready to list next week.

Have you started your freedom business yet? How’s it going? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.


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