Thursday Sharing – Top 5 Business Blogs, Podcasts and Videos of the Past Week

May 29

Thursday Sharing – Top 5 Business Blogs, Podcasts and Videos of the Past Week

I’m always reading, watching and listening to new information and incorporating it into our business. It may be a tip for a blog post or a new way to write up an Ebay item description or setting up a social media sharing schedule. I’m happy to share some of these items with others, especially when they share great information and actionable content.

1. The Moz Blog’s Whiteboard Friday video is a new standby for me now. It’s especially helpful for content marketers and I get awesome information with plenty of actionable steps I can implement over time. The 5/9 video, 10 Tactics to Improve Blog Readership, is one that really resonated with me and gave me a lot of ideas for this blog as well as some of my other projects.

2. The Ebay Scavengers podcast is my new go-to podcast for all things Ebay. I learn a lot every week, not just on the podcast but on their blog as well. Ebay is allowing Jay, Ryanne, Mikey and Wendy to live a lifestyle of their choosing, and that’s something very important to me and Scott.

3. I am always learning so much from the Thrifting for Profit podcasts. I love how Debra Conrad keeps everything on topic and shares so much information about online selling on Amazon, Ebay and sometimes Etsy. This is another podcast I love to listen to each week.

4. I discovered Michelle ( when reading a new online magazine. I loved her take on creating systems for your business. I signed up for her free (yes, FREE!) email course on starting a written systems manual. I call mine The Awesome Guide to a Creative Life, and it will include all information that Scott or a future VA may need to know to keep our businesses running smoothly. If you want to be more organized and start keeping a record of your business systems, I recommend this beginner course.

5. I love finding new information on Ebay selling, but there are too many “hustler” types out there now, it’s almost like watching a used car commercial. But I really like Richard McGee’s You Tube channel. He’s from the same area in Alabama that we just moved from – I noticed that in one of his first videos since he’s wearing an AU shirt – but he always offers encouragement and some practical tips about sourcing, shipping and organizing for an Ebay business.

What are some of your favorite blogs, podcasts and videos about online business, encouragement, or inspiration? Any favorites about Ebay and Amazon selling? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Great resources! I plan on looking into a few of them myself. Great blog!

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