Organizing our Ebay / Amazon Inventory Area

May 22

Since moving into a smaller house we’re having to come up with some creative storage ideas for our Amazon and Ebay inventory.

Right now most of our inventory is on the screened-in covered porch. However, after a thunderstorm last night we realize that it’s not practical. We thought the items would be safe from the rain since they’re under a roof, the porch is screened-in and there are lattice walls on top of the screens. We were wrong, and now we’re going through the items to see what can be saved and stored elsewhere.

There is limited space in the one bedroom house we’re now living in, but one option we have is creative use of closet space. A portion of each closet will be used for inventory storage. This will get easier as we continue to clear out our own things and pare down.

Another option we’re going to start using is a storage unit. Right now most things are in boxes or crates. I want to visit thrift stores and discount stores to buy some simple, inexpensive shelves and hanger rods so we can unpack the boxes, label the inventory, and hang the clothing. To further protect clothing, I’m going to see if I can find some dry cleaner plastic bags to keep them in. Books and other paper items will most likely continue to be inside the house in our closets.

If you sell on Ebay or Amazon, where is your inventory? How do you organize it, especially if you live in a small home?

I’ll post photos as we get our storage areas organized.


  1. 99% of my inventory is being stored in an amazon warehouse. Even some of my ebay stuff. They store it for a few, but it’s worth it to me for them to store and ship it than for me to store and ship it. The other 1% is in my garage and my closet.

    • Thanks for replying, Stephen. Many items I have on Ebay are clothing and I confirmed with Amazon that I have to be approved in clothing to sell through multi-channel fulfillment. I would be nice to send in the book lots and the clothing and just keep the antique stuff close by. I just don’t want some of the more expensive items to be lost or broken.

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