March and April Income Report

May 20

March and April Income Report

The move is complete! We made it to San Antonio! That was a trip I don’t think I want to relive again. The next time we go traveling it will be at a nice, slow and steady pace.

Our new home is outside of San Antonio and it’s been difficult getting internet up and running. It was installed on May 9 so we’re getting things caught up. It’s amazing how much we depend on internet to get stuff done and what we can’t do without it.

What I love about selling on Amazon FBA is that we were making money even during the move. We did have some issues with Ebay. We had a sale come through right in the middle of traveling between Alabama and Texas. We had to cancel the sale because we couldn’t ship within our two business days. But we’ve held it together and actually made money over the past 2 months.

March income and expenses:

Gross Amazon FBA – 158.36

Gross Ebay – 51.07

Amazon FBA fees – 63.11

Amazon FBA shipments – 16.86

Paypal fees – 2.67

Ebay Shipping – 21.96

Net Received – 104.83


April income:

Gross Amazon FBA – 163.78

Gross Ebay – 117.10

Amazon FBA fees – 83.11

Paypal fees – 4.89

Ebay shipping – 38.29

Net Received – 154.59

In April we also received $47 for ebook sales and had business expenses of 41.30. I also spent $65 on products to sell on Ebay and Amazon before we left Alabama. Those items haven’t been listed yet.

Our SMART goals need to be revamped since our move, but saving money and paying down our debt is still a priority. I haven’t updated Quicken yet and I’m a bit scared to see how much this move cost us in getting here, renting the truck, two nights in hotels, etc. But we belief it was worth it! We’re in a beautiful new home, our dogs have a fenced in yard, and Scott and I are working together all week.  In spite of the issues we faced in getting here and getting our residency set up, there’s really nothing not to love. Well, except San Antonio traffic and their roller coaster freeways. But that’s another story.






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