Ramping up the eBay Business

Mar 20

Ramping up the eBay Business

March has been a slow month in sales for us, both on Amazon and eBay. We did finally make a couple of sales on Amazon within the last week, but my biggest surprise was eBay.

I decided to actually put to use some of the information I’ve been studying through podcasts, You Tube videos and ebooks. I have to say – this stuff works. I now have a new “rule” for myself.

Implement at least one new thing I read or listen to as quickly as possible.

I added on the “quickly” part because I tend to procrastinate or wait to change something. Many times I’ve thought, “That sounds like a good idea,” but I’ve never followed through on that idea.

I started clearing out our closets and drawers recently and putting more of my old clothing up on eBay. It’s a long process, especially since I like to take photos during the day so I can have better light. In the evening, with just overhead light, the photos don’t look very good. I had a plan to list about 10 items on Saturday. I didn’t get to 10, but I did get about four or five up after the photos and editing was done. Imagine my surprise when something sold within two hours.

So what changes did I implement?

1. Title – I used more descriptive language in the title, including the brand, color and size of the item.

2. More photos – I took more photos: front, back, label, any detail on collars and cuffs. I also took photos of flaws in the garment and noted where they were.

3. Measurements – I took measurements with a cloth tape measure instead of just listing the size from the tag. I included the sleeve length, length of the item (from shoulder to bottom hem if a shirt) and any other information that may be useful to someone wanting to buy it.

4. Used item specific drop-down lists – I haven’t been using these at all. If I knew the information, I was including it in the listing. But I decided to use all of the item specific information that I could. After all, some buyers don’t read the entire listing, so having this pre-filled information couldn’t hurt.

I believe that changing just these few things helped my listings for the better.

Be sure to check out these podcasts and You Tube videos and follow along. Be sure to implement something from these very knowledgeable people. I know it’s made a ton of difference in how I’m listing and selling on eBay.

Steven Raiken of Raiken Profit on You Tube

Suzanne A. Wells, Ebay Coach, on You Tube

eBay Scavengers Podcast. Start with their beginners podcasts by clicking on the “don’t know where to start” banner.





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