So You Want to be Awesome!

Mar 16

So You Want to be Awesome!

Awesome. Think about this word for a moment. What comes to mind when this word takes center stage in your thoughts?

For some it will be an experience they’ve had or a place they’ve been to. For others it’s a person they know or have known. We all can equate something or even many things with this one seven-letter word. But do we dare equate ourselves with this word? Most people I’ve experienced don’t. Why? Because they have taken someone else’s appraisal of themselves and accepted it as truth.

It happens when we are kids. We miss the long fly ball at an important game and our team loses, or we make a wrong guess to a math problem while at the chalk board.

Next, it’s reinforced as young adults with poor choices for friends. Anyone who’s ever been on the scourging end of ridicule can relate all too well.

Even in adulthood we receive negative feedback from family, co-workers and the boss – all people we should be able to trust on various levels.

And then there is “us”: The one human we should know better than any other. Yet we tell ourselves such hideously mean things. We use self-talk to punish ourselves because we believe it’s what we’re supposed to do. Surely how we see ourselves is true. Right? Wrong.

You and I are magnificent creatures. As a Christian I see this throughout my God’s Holy Word, the Bible. Inside His big book I read clearly who I really am – the apple of my God’s eye. I can trust this because logic dictates that God is all powerful. He can do anything. There is no reason for Him to lie. Plus, one of His descriptive names is “the truth.”

In 1 John 3:1 God goes so far as to call us His children. John 15:15 tells me I am God’s friend. These verses and many, many others all lead to one thing – Love. Love from an awesome God for people.

In shorter terms, an awesome God has made you awesome. That alone should bring a smile to a sad and lonely face. That the Living God cares about you, loves you, and is waiting with open arms.

It is an awesome experience to know my awesome God. He has declared openly His great love for me.

And that is truly awesome.

Scott Routon is a certified life and relationship coach. He wants to help others realize their dreams and potential at

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